If you’re new to the world of vaping and e-liquids, you might not have heard of Zamplebox quite yet. But, if you’re a veteran vaper, you’ve likely heard the name tossed around once of twice. This is because Zamplebox E-liquids are rated some of the best flavors of e-juice.

What is the most innovative about this brand is that the e-liquids are offered monthly, through a sample box. Like the surprise boxes you might subscribe to for collectors items or cat treats. These monthly subscriptions are becoming more and more popular, so it makes sense they would now include e-liquids. Zamplebox brings you the best e-liquids on a monthly basis.

With this subscription, you have the ability to build a flavor profile. This allows the company to send you flavors that might be relevant to your taste buds. Of course, you can also choose the particular flavors that you’d like to have delivered each month. This method is a care-free guarantee that you’ll get your refills when you need them. This way, you don’t have to worry about shopping. All you have to do is sign up and select your flavors and payment methods.

Now, Zamplebox has a wide variety of flavors available to choose from. Each of them crafted to have a premium quality taste. These e-liquids have two different prices, one the standard. The other price is for members, which means by choosing to be a Zamplebox customer, you are getting a discount on the e-liquids you purchase. Of course, this is only applicable to e-liquids purchased directly through them, or in the Zamplebox subscription. It also depends which type of e-juice you’re buying from the company. There are ranging prices from $9 to $15 for the 15 ml bottles, depending on brand and flavor selection. You may also find different nicotine content levels and bottle sizing for different flavors/brands.

The platinum Zamplebox costs $44.99 a month, arriving with 11 different flavors to choose from. The sign up process is detailed, ensuring that you get the flavor quality you’re looking for. The website offers you to search flavors by throat hit too! Zamplebox is definitely the leading choice for e-liquid subscriptions. They even ship overseas, meaning they are accessible to everyone who might be interested.

Of course, platinum isn’t the only option available. In total, there are three different subscriptions you can get. It starts with the silver Zamplebox, which is $19.99 and comes with three bottles. The gold Zamplebox comes with 6 bottles and is $24.99. This is the most popular subscription choice, especially among those who are new to the Zamplebox. The amount of liquid in each bottle differs, depending on the flavor. But the Zamplebox selection are mixed, providing you with roughly the same amount every single time.

Overall, the flavor is rich across the board. Each Zamplebox flavor is high quality and delivers exactly what you’re expecting them to. There is no question as to why they are so highly rated among vape users. Or why they were claimed one of the best e-liquids in 2016.